Michael Murphy - Marketing & Sales

Projects & Competitions

Over my three years at Southern New Hampshire University I have had the privelage to participate in various projects and competitions that have allowed me to both showcase my marketing/sales skills as well as hone them further.


I have done most of my projects in the marketing field (though a few in sales). Many of these projects have involved working with comapanies in order to run analyses and generate recommendations. Among these is a sales analysis that contains extensive information on two companies (a buyer and a seller), an analysis and recommendation for the company Skillsoft, market research I conducted as part of a team on Samsung, and an overall analysis of marketing strategies by Apple. These projects all taught me crucial analytical skills and gave me fantastic practice for knowing what information I need and where to find it when trying to construct an effective analysis.

Professional Sales

Most of my sales experience has come from attending competitions which involve studying a case and then performing a sales roleplay with a buyer to be graded by judges. Currently, I have attended three different competitions: the Intercollegiate Sales Competion for sales management at Florida State University in 2016, a personal selling competition that was hosted by Comcast in 2017, and the National Sales Challenge which is another personal selling competition at Robert Patterson University in 2017. These have been some of my most valuable experiences I've had throughout my entire college career and I they have helped immensely in refining my skills from simply gaining confidence to the more subtle structural aspects of my sales process. You can see a role play I conducted with one of my coaches below.