Michael Murphy - Marketing & Sales

Interests & Goals

My Present Goals
Goal Current Progress Steps to be Taken
Graduate with current GPA: 3.95. Maintaining A grade level in nearly all of my current classes. Simply staying focused and setting daily reminders for myself so I can catch up in the few classes that aren't quite where I want them to be and finish strong in the remainder of my classes this semester as well as with regards to the courses I will be taking next semester.
Acquire an internship for next semester. I am currently in the process of reaching out to various different companies for interviews. I plan on doing a fair amount of research into all the companies I look into and constructing a sheet with at least 20 crucial questions to ask the employers to determine whether or not they will be a good fit for me. I will also update my LinkedIn profile in order to make it more marketable.
Worker harder AND smarter. I work pretty hard to maintain my good standing in school but feel like I could still kick it up a notch to become even more focused and cut out wasted time. At the same time, I have realized that the difference between people who do well and people who do great is a deliberate analysis and optimization of everyhing they do. I feel like I currently struggle with this since I tend to try to solve everything by simply working harder. I have taken up a habit that I have heard many successful individuals do, which is writing down key goals and ideas in a personal notebook and reading it every morning to keep me motivated and to keep what I want to accomplish fresh in my mind. I am also trying to actively take a closer look at how I do things to look for opportunities to increase efficeincy.
Get in good physical condition. I've gone to the gym more this year than I think I ever have in the past but it can still be difficult to find time. In a lot of ways this goal is tied to working harder and smarter; I am focusing on being more efficient in doing my work so I can free up more time to train my body.

As stated on the "Why Me" page, when I am not busy with my schoolwork there are many other things that I enjoy learning about. I do very much enjoy learning about topics such as politics, religion, economics, and various sciences as well. These are topics that I really hope I'll have more time to delve into upon graduation and become well-versed in. Politics and religion present a nearly endless amount of potential reading and different ideas I have yet to be exposed to and while I have a fairly solid understanding of macroeconomics, I lack knowledge in the more data-driven, mathematical side of the science. I have a great deal of respect for these "harder" side of the science and for all of the hard sciences in general such as enginnering, chemistry, computer science, and physics to name a few. I hope to learn more about these sciences over time and possibly earn a degree in one of them later on in life. Outside of reading on these topics, other activities I enjoy include playing ping pong, badminton, and going to the gym when I can. Martial arts was also a hobby of mine when I was younger that I had to give up as I became more busy that I hope I can start up again eventually.